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                          About us

                          Company Profile

                          China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) was built on its predecessor China National Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Corporation through an overall reorganization...

                          Chairman's Statement

                          Against the background of today’s rapid development of information technology, the network has made people around the world connect, familiarize and understand each other...

                          Board of Director

                          ? Chairman
                          BAI Shao tong   Chairman, Non-executive Director

                          Corporate Governance
                          • Strategy and Development Committee Operation and Risk Management Committee Audit Committee
                          • Remuneration Committee Nomination Committee Related Policy
                          Development Strategy

                          Faced with the economic development of the new norm and the reform of state-owned enterprises a new start, CMEC with its own business characteristics,the implementation of landing the ...

                          Corporate Certificates
                          • The people's Republic of China foreign ...
                          • The people's Republic of China foreign ...
                          • Project bidding agency qualification ...
                          Company honor
                          • In-House won the Community CMEC annual ...
                          • CMEC 5 consecutive years by the national ...
                          • Division I was awarded the national machine ...
                          Corporate Structure

                          In after the completion of the global offering, and assumptions over allotment option did not exercise, accounting for us the total share capital of about 1.79% 71.8 million ...


                          CMEC has 25 Affiliated Companies at home and abroad, and the Hongkong Special Administrative Region has 14 Affiliated Companies, 26 foreign representative offices CMEC covers the diversification ...

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